Written and Performed by Maybe Burke

Additional Material by Exes of Maybe Burke


“People hide real feelings in a lie they call love.”

In this series of letters to and from their insignificant others, Maybe tells pieces of a story about how identity, love, sex, and trauma all influence each other and intersect. This autobiographical show takes a multilayered look at abuse, happiness, disappointment, and hope; all through the lens of love, and sometimes, the lack thereof.

Winner of the 2017 Fresh Fruit Spirit Award for Fostering Pride, Survival, History, and Progress.

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"At its core, 'Love Letters' concerns the unhappy truth that one's identity, sexuality, and ability to love cannot escape unscathed the ravages of trauma."

- Terence Diamond, Edge Media

Love Letters to Nobody is a deeply personal exploration of intimacy and boundaries. Maybe Burke presents a uniquely episodic play by reading the letters they have sent, or written and never sent, to past lovers, abusers, and family members. A bracingly honest reflection on dating while trans, Love Letters to Nobody chronicles a journey towards understanding that finding love does not have to mean losing who you are.

What Audiences Are Saying

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"Love Letters to Nobody is proof

that not only are trans people

more than their trauma, but

more than just their joy. Maybe

Burke's performance gives a

faceted fully-lived experience;

the vulnerable core of why we

come to experience theatre"

- Jordan Ho

“That was the first time I saw a

trans feminine person on stage

who loved themself.”

- Kit Yan

“A beautiful story told so artfully

by an even more beautiful

person and performer, Love

Letters to Nobody is one of the

most exciting, inspiring,

heartbreaking and heartwarming

pieces of theater I have had the

honor of seeing in some time.

Should you have the opportunity

to see it I all but demand you go

- your heart will thank you for it.”

- Matthew Pedersen

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“Refreshingly queer.

It was achingly honest

while remaining witty,

positive, and nuanced.

A really fantastic piece.”

- Aiden Kim Feltkamp

“It was one of those shows that absolutely broke my heart, made me genuinely laugh, and opened my perspective on things.”

- Juliana Klingel

“One thing is certain:

Maybe is spectacular.”

- Billy McEntee, Greenpointers